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We promise a fast turnaround time, right from the application to cash approval.

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Our company is one of the trusted choices for reliable cheque cashing service.

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We are sure when you’ll leave our premises, you’ll be a lot more than satisfied.

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Welcome to Convenient Check Cashing

Convenient Check Cashing Services provide a reliable cheque cashing service for almost any cheque you have. No matter the amount mentioned on the cheque is too big or too small, we’ll assist you the right way. Why wait for the bank to clear your funds when you can receive cash on the spot with us.

We not only specialize in cash on cheques but also provide short-term cash loans to individuals in order to meet those unexpected financial challenges. For past many years, we have been providing cash advances and other sources of fast cash to our loyal clients.


Access Your Cash
In A Flash

There’s no need to wait for your cheque to clear when you cash it with us. You can choose us to cash any business cheque you receive, whatever the value or reason is, that too, without any deductions.

Taking advantage of our fast and reliable cheque cashing service, you can have your money in minutes.

Types Of Cheques
We Cash

Our quick and convenient check cashing service can be used for different types of payment – as long as the cheque hasn’t originated from a personal account, we’ll be able to cash it.

We cash payroll, personal, traveler cheques, money orders, bank drafts and more. All you need is a suitable photo ID plus one proof of identification.

Our Benefits

Located in Mississauga, cashing a check at Convenient Check Cashing Services is easy as 1, 2, 3!
We understand that when you have a check, you want to get paid fast, and that’s what we do.


Our quick response ensures your convenience in getting cash in no time.


Improve efficiency by eliminating the need to sign and stand in queues.


Almost every cheque is accepted by us, and it makes us a reliable choice.


We solve queries and improve transparency with payment advice slips.

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